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Academician Marat Talgatovich Aznabaeyev was born on the 1 st of February, 1939 in the Republic of Bashkorostan, Kujurgazinsky region, the village Jakshimbetovo. In 1962 he graduated from the Bashkir State Medical Institute (BSMI), therapeutic department. This was followed by residency and post-graduate studies at the Chair of Eye Diseases of the Medical Institute. In 1969 he defended his thesis: "Surgery of blepharoptosis" (scientific adviser - prof. G Kh. Kudoyarov). From 1971 till 1980 he was an associate professor of the Chair of Ophthalmology, BSMI.

In 1980 M.T. Aznabayev was appointed director of Ufa Eye Research Institute. He was at the head of the Institute for 26 years until 2006. During this period Ufa Eye Research Institute became a leading centre of Russian ophthalmology. His MD thesis dedicated to surgery of cataracts in newborn was successfully defended at Moscow Eye Microsurgery Institute (scientific adviser - S.N. Fyodorov) in 1987 simultaneously he was elected head of the Chair of Eye Diseases of the Medical Institute.

With the help of local heads of administration M.T. Aznabayev established regional eye microsurgical centrs in for off territories of Bashkortostan (the Towns of Janaul, Sibai, Uchaly, Maloyaz, Koumertau and Tuimazi) so as to provide highly qualified specialized medical help to peripheral population.

His scientific activity is known for fundamental approach, original ideas and practical operation. He made important contribution in complex rehabilitation of congenital and acquired eye pathology of newborns and infants. He was a pioneer in introducing effective eye microsurgery in congenital cataract treatment of several days old newborn and simultaneous surgery on both eyes. He promoted the production of contact lenses, intraocular lenses, viscoelastics, transplants by Ufa Eye Research Institute. He also developed new devices, medicines and microsurgery instruments for blepharoptosis, congenital cataract and retinal detachment surgery.

As for his social activity Marat Talgatovich was elected deputy of City Councils of three convocation and the parliament of the Republic (1990-1995).

In 1991 he was elected corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences and in 1995 he became an academician, member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences. He is also an honorary member of the Scientific Society of Canadian Implantologists (1994), member of the International Council of Cataract and Refractional Surgery, member of the Scientific Council of Barraquer Institute (Spain) since 2003.

M.T. Aznabayev is author of 16 monographs and books and 537 articles published in Russia and abroad. He was editor of numerous collections of articles, medical recommendations for treatment and precaution of eye diseases. He is author of 129 certificates for medical inventions. His and his co-author’s latest book is «Atlas of Eye Pathology» (2008) dealing with all field of ophthalmology.

Academician M.T. Aznabayev made an important contribution in the development of medical terms. He was the first to compile Russian – Latin – Bashkir Explanatory Dictionary of Ophthalmological Terms (2004) and Russian – Latin – Bashkir Explanatory Dictionary of Medical Terms (2007).

He gave rise to the Ufa school of ophthalmology. Forty three Candidate Degree and seven Doctorate Degree theses were defended under his scientific guidance.

Many of disciples are now heading scientific and medical institutions of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

M.T. Aznabayev is President of Ophthalmological Association of the Republic of Bashkortostan, member of the Council and Presidium of Russian Ophthalmological Society, editor-in-chief of the all-Russian journal “Problem of Ophthalmology” (since 2004), member of the editorial council of the journals “Vestnik of Ophthalmology”, “Refractive Surgery” and “Ophthalmological Journal of Kazakhstan”.

In cooperation write “Children’s Fund of USSR” he launched a campaign for rendering ophthalmological help to handicapped children and also charity check-ups and surgical treatment in Orenburg, Kurgan, Perm and Sverdlovsk regions and the Republic of Tatarstan.

M.T. Aznabayev is Honoured Doctor of the Republic of Bashkortostan (1977), Honoured Doctor of Russia (1986), Honoured Scientist of the Republic of Bashkortostan (1991), Honoured Scientist of Russia (2004). Prof. M.T. Aznabayev was decorated by the order of Honours (Russia; 1991) the order of Salavat Julayev (2004), the order “Honour and Glory of the Republic of Abkazia” (2004). He was awarded Prize of the Academy of Sciences (Republic of Bashkortostan; 2007) for the monograph “Laser dacryocystorinostomy” (2007), twice by Honoured Diploma of the Ministry of Health (Russia).









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